Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing strategies are being implemented by more and more businesses each day. For a new business owner, it can be difficult to understand why these strategies are so important and why they would want to implement them on their own website. In order to understand how helpful SEO strategies are, it’s essential to look at why businesses are using them and how they work.

When a customer wants to find a specific product or service, they often turn to one of the major search engines. They’ll do a search for what they need and a long list of websites that offer the product or service will be listed. Most of the time, the person will click on one of the top three listings. It’s rare the person will click through to the second, third or subsequent page. Once they click on the website, there’s a high chance they’re going to be converted from a viewer to a customer.

The websites are ranked based on an algorithm used by web crawlers. The web crawlers search the internet, looking for websites that match the keywords being used and ranking them based on this algorithm to ensure only the top websites are shown at the top of the listings. The main goal is to connect the person doing the search with the website that’s most likely going to offer them exactly what they’re looking for. To rank highly, a website needs to be well designed, popular, and needs to have information that might interest the customer. As of recently, it also needs to have a mobile version to make it easier for potential customers to view on any device.

The efficient SEO methods used by businesses adjust and fine-tune the website to meet the requirements by the web crawlers so the website will rank as highly as possible. It is very cost-effective to do this and, thanks to the efficiency of the web crawlers, it can be a fast way to can many new viewers and customers. Unlike many marketing strategies, this can be implemented quickly and has a very high return on the initial investment.

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